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Today, Lent begins.

Lent, as you probably know, is a season of preparation for Easter, for Jesus’ painful death on the cross as an expiation of our sins, and his glorious resurrection three days later. With Jesus we set our face, like a rock, to Jerusalem, and all that will happen there. Lent is a season of repentance, of looking hard at ourselves in the mirror of Scripture and being transformed by degree into the image of Christ. Lent can be a somber time as we grapple with our own sinful nature, our complacency in corporate sin, and how far we truly are from God’s standard for us. It is also a time of thankfulness for all that God has done for us, the humble realization that the absolute best we can do is like bloody rags to God, yet he loves, forgives, and reconciles us to himself through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. For forty days (plus Sundays) we join Jesus on his lonesome journey.

As we walk along this lenten journey, here are a few resources to help us grasp the height and depth and width and length of God. The first four resources are available on RightNow Media, if you do not have access to RightNow, please contact Rev. Aaron. The Final resource is a playlist on Spotify, which is a streaming music service. Music can be listened to for free with occasional commercials, or without commercials for a fee. Spotify is available on smartphones and some streaming devices.


The Book of Jonah: Eric Mason

Over the course of 8 verse-by-verse sessions, pastor and author Eric Mason expands our vision to see that Jonah’s story is our own. Far more than a thrilling Sunday school adventure, it offers a profound glimpse into the conflict that occurs when God calls resistant believers to His mission. More importantly, it underscores the depths of His compassion not only in redeeming the lost, but redeeming those He has called to participate in His reconciling work.


Psalm 51: R.C. Sproul

As he examines David’s sin and confession, Dr. R.C. Sproul demonstrates how God was merciful to David, restoring to him the joy of salvation. In addition, Dr. Sproul addresses the need for all people to recognize their sin and repent, acknowledging that God is the Judge for all people and that He shows mercy to the repentant.


Don’t Waste Your Life (Conference Edition): John Piper

Most people slip by in life without a passion for God, spending their lives on trivial diversions, living for comfort and pleasure… and perhaps trying to avoid sin. Yet as John Piper teaches in this series, God has designed us for far more than this. We just have to awaken to the simple, biblical reality that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”


OneCry: A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening- Byron Paulus

Join Bill Elliff and Byron Paulus for eight weeks of conversation about their book, OneCry: A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening. Its aim is to catalyze a resurgence of Christ-followers to unite in repentance and fervent prayer for the extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit in our day. Byron and Bill will take you on a journey to discover six realities about revival and understand what true spiritual transformation looks like.

Spiritual Hospice  open-graph-default

Spiritual Hospice: Songs for Lent

A collection of traditional hymns, and modern music reflecting the themes and mood of Lent.

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