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Can you believe that we have been broadcasting our services and other videos from our YouTube Channel for a whole year? We have come a long way; watch one of our first service videos and then one of our more recent ones, and the comparison will astound you! We are upgrading and adding videos all of the time. Of course, it is always better to worship or learn together with others, but if that is not possible, these videos provide a great alternative.

Here is a quick look at our line up at the beginning of season 2, as well as a look at what is new and coming soon.

Our Current Lineup

Worship from Faith Presbyterian Church

First up, of course, is our weekly service of worship. It is the center of our life together as a church and features music, scripture, liturgy, and preaching. We are doing some upgrading of both hardware and software in the Sanctuary, so look forward to even better quality coming up. Worship service videos are about an hour long and can be watched live Sundays at 11 am (EST) or afterward.

Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School Class has started live streaming their lessons and can be watched live or afterward. We have a few teachers who take turns leading series on various topics. These videos are arranged by topic, so if you would like to go back and catch up or review a past series they are easy to identify. Sunday school can be viewed every Sunday morning around 10 am.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

The Wednesday Night Bible Study program is similarly arranged as the Sunday School Class in that classes are arranged into smaller series on a variety of topics from the Bible, Theology, History, etc. Wednesday Night Bible Studies tend to be arranged around a video series provided by RightNow Media which is a streaming service of Christian content. Due to Copyright issues, we are unable to broadcast the video on YouTube, but the link for the video is in the description. If you do not have access to RightNow Media, let Pastor Aaron know, and he will be happy to get you connected. The discussion of the topic is then broadcast on YouTube, and can be watched live or afterward. These videos usually start around 7 pm on Wednesdays and last around half an hour. Sometimes we have special guests who share about their ministries and experiences, those videos last around an hour and start closer to 6:30 pm.

Daily Prayer Services

Our second longest running series is a daily prayer service which Pastor Aaron leads 2-4 times a week, usually in the mornings. This service has gone through some transitions, but the format is now as follows: opening sentences, Scripture reading with brief discussion, and prayer for the church and the world. Midday Prayer is usually around 15 minutes long, and can be watched live Monday through Thursday (depending on schedule) around 11 am (again, depending on schedule), or afterward. Scripture readings coincide with the weekly readings leading up to the next Sunday’s sermon. A wonderful version of “Amazing Grace”, performed by ‘Woody” from the Lickville Presbyterian Church is played before each session so live viewers have some time to join before the service starts.

Confessions: an Exploration of the Book of Confessions

Presbyterians began as a mix of reformed folk from Scotland, England, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, etc. We are also a confessional people, meaning that from time to time (especially during times of theological danger) we come together to confess what we believe. For many years the Westminster Confessional Standards (written in Westminster, England) was our standard, but in the late 20th century when the Presbyterians in the northern and southern part of the United States came together (after having split shortly before the American Civil War) we chose to have a “Book of Confessions” which brought together many confessions across the life of the Christian Church and specifically Reformed branch. Pastor Aaron is creating 2-4 videos a week (usually right after Midday Prayer) going through these confessions chapter by chapter. We are currently on the Westminster Confession of Faith and each video (which last from 15-40 minutes, depending on the length and depth of the chapter) consists of the chapter or section of the confession being read and then explained. “A Mighty Fortress is Our God Remix” by Thomas Kyung is played before each session to give those who wish to watch live some time to join before things get started.

New and Coming Soon

Bible 101

Pastor Aaron teaches a Bible class for 6th graders with the Christian Learning Centers of the Upstate. Twice a week (or so), he will be recording these lessons so that others might benefit from them. Each lesson is around half an hour long, and is beginning with the book of Genesis.

The Road to G.A.

Every two years, delegates from each Presbytery (regional collection of churches) in the Presbyterian Church (USA) gather together for a General Assembly where they discuss and make decisions for the denomination. Our church has been selected to send a Ruling Elder (Ordained non-clergy leader from a congregation) as one of Foothills Presbytery‘s delegates to the 223rd G.A. in St Lewis, MO. As a way to prepare for this honor, our Elder representative will lead a series of discussions on what is coming up for this meeting. This series will be a roundtable discussion with Pastor Aaron, Presbytery staff, and other special guests as we review and discuss the upcoming issues and overtures that he and other delegates will be voting on in June of 2018. This series is still in “pre-production” so I do not know how long or often we will be making them, stay tuned for more details.


We live in a crazy world, people like Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, etc) warns of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, Google gobbles up every last scrap of information that we happily hand over to it, and Stephen Hawking (famous theoretical physicist) listens to the cosmos for signs of intelligent life. All around us, Science Fiction is becoming Science Fact, and as usual, the Church tends to be more reactionary than it is wise. Pastor Aaron is working on a new series of videos that explore some of these issues, and their theological implications, and on us as followers of Christ and sons and daughters of the Living God. This series will be a little fun, a little frightening, and (hopefully) inspirational as we all begin to think about these things that are already and may soon become a reality.


Whether you join us regularly in person, check in on YouTube, or have never watched one of our videos, we invite you to enjoy this new season of ministry and video content.

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