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Pastor’s Blog: Stardate 1161013.7

I love music, lots of different kinds of music.

I often have music going while I am working, walking, much of the time.

There are lots of apps and websites out there that offer music free of charge (to you at least, they often either have commercials or a paid version; there is no such thing as a free lunch… or song). Pandora was the first and works on the principle of the ‘musical genome project’ playing music that you choose, along with music that is similar in sound, content, etc.

open-graph-defaultAnother one of those options is Spotify, a relative newcomer on the scene. What Spotify allows you to do is to create playlists from a wide variety of music, adding single songs or whole albums. Many bands and artists (including ones who are no longer producing music) have profiles, as well as celebrities and just regular people.

I came across one of the most interesting uses of Spotify when DC Comics came out with their most recent project, Rebirth (another reinvention of the franchise). In an article, I found out that the Geoff Johns, the current Chief Creative Officer of DC, created a Spotify playlist for the first issue, which he wrote. The Playlist has a huge collection of music from various artists and ranges from things that he and the artists were listening to when they were creating the comic, things that were kind of the tone that they were going for, songs of inspiration, etc. They not only created that playlist but for each new #1 comic in the series, likewise created by the writers and artists of each book. It was really interesting to listen to these collections of music that the creators had in mind, a new and unique way to connect to the material.

I have been mulling over the same sort of thing for my sermons, and here is the first attempt at it. I have created several playlists (links below) for the next several weeks. In each are some songs that I have added that have something to do with the Scripture, tone that I am going for, something that just inspires me for that particular week, etc. I am also including (when possible) the service music. Some of the weeks are relatively large (the one for Isaiah 6 is currently the largest), and others have nothing at all (mostly the ones all the way in December). Because I picked them, they are naturally going to be my own musical tastes and styles, but I thought it would be fun to put them out there and let you see what goes on behind the sermon. I have no idea if anyone will listen to them at all, or find them helpful, but it is something that I am playing with. If you find it helpful, let me know, if not, that is ok too. I am mostly doing this as a new and creative way to engage with the texts and sermon. I will be adding to the playlists as time goes on, so if you are interested, check back. Also note, Spotify does not work on computers, just mobile devices, sorry.

The playlists are:

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