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Through the Narrative Lectionary, which I preach through most of the year, we sprint through most of Scripture, especially the Old Testament, at a break-neck pace. We sum up the entire life of Abraham with the use of one story. For those who do the readings for the week, we may read much of someone’s life in the Bible, but usually not all of it, and even if we read all that Scripture tells us, we are missing so much of their lives.

This summer, we are going to slow down a bit and take thirteen weeks on the life of David from the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel, as well as many of David’s Psalms. David is a fascinating character in the Bible. He is incredibly complex, a warrior, a poet, a faithful subject (even when his king was trying to kill him), a righteous king, a sinner, and a man after God’s own heart. His story deals with themes of friendship, betrail, political intrigue, God’s providence, loss, loyalty, and more. I was first introduced to David, as most of us were, in Sunday School with the story of David and Goliath. However, he came alive to me by reading a book series by Cliff Graham called the Lion of War Series. Graham fleshes out the story and the drama of David’s story, and makes it come alive.

Each week, we will focus on a period of David’s life and read psalms that fit into that period in his life. The Sunday School lesson will focus on David’s story from 1st and 2nd Samuel and go deeper into the context of David’s story. The sermon text will be one of the Psalms attributed to David which thematically fits with this part of David’s life. The Psalms are a wonderful and unique treasure trove of songs, hymns, poems, prayers, etc, that has served the church from the beginning. the liturgy and most of the music during worship will have been inspired by David’s Psalms. On July 9th, we will break from this story as I will be on vacation, and The Rev. Joseph Gaston (recently from John Knox Presbyterian, and now from the Foothills Presbyterian Community) will be preaching.

The schedule of themes will be as follows (readings and psalms to be read during the week prior to that Sunday):

Week 1 (June 11): David’s Anointing -1 Samuel 16, Psalm 8, 23, 101, 145

Week 2 (June 18): David and Goliath -1 Samuel 17; Psalm 108, 138, 140, 141, 144

Week 3 (June 25): David on the Run- 1 Samuel 18-19; Psalm 59, 86, 109, 139, 143

Week 4 (July 2): David and Johnathan- 1 Samuel 18-19; Psalm 27, 56, 101, 124

Break (July 9): Joseph Gaston preaching

Week 5 (July 16): David and Saul- 1 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 7, 22, 34, 52, 57

Week 6 (July 23): Saul Defeated at Gilboa- 1 Samuel 27-31; Psalm 5, 18, 34

Week 7 (July 30): David King of Judah- 2 Samuel 1-4; Psalm 39, 55, 64

Week 8 (August 6): David King of Israel- 2 Samuel 5-10; Psalm 24, 30, 60, 68, 122

Week 9 (August 13) David and Bathsheba- 2 Samuel 11-12; Psalm 32, 51

Week 10 (August 20): Absalom- 2 Samuel 13-19; Psalm 3, 38, 40, 41

Week 11 (August 27): End of David’s Life- 2 Samuel 20-24; 1 Kings 1-2; Psalms 25, 31, 35, 37, 61, 69, 103, 138


Please join us each week, in person or online, as we learn more about ourselves and our living God from the life of David.

Sunday School Lessons:

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