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Hannah’s Song

A spoken-word poem based on 1 Samuel 2

by Aaron Ochart



My heart lifts up my Lord and God YHWH,

The God who is exalted exults me in my strength.


With my mouth, I deride those who have become my enemy,

Because they have been defeated,

I have been given victory.


YHWH is the onliest,

The holiest

The foundation for the loneliest.


Shut up your proud mouth,

With that arrogance do not speak.

YHWH is the God of knowledge

And your actions prove you weak.


He breaks the bows of those

Who in blindness think that they are strong;

While he gives new life to feeble ones

Gives them the strength

To live and carry on.



The ones who only trusted in themselves

Now must sell

Their work for daily bread;

While the ones who used to beg and plead,

Now they have more than enough,

Engorged upon a table spread.


The one who pines,

And prays,

And cries,

And weeps with empty womb,

She is now surrounded by children;

While the one who bragged of many sons,

Her life is like an empty tomb.


YHWH, my God, He is the one

Who orders birth and blade,

Only He can lift to paradise

Or leave in the mass grave

YHWH is the only one who ordains both rich and poor,

He lifts up high and brings down low

He settles every score.

YHWH sifts through the dust and the ashes,

He finds the poor and the cashless,

The human-life car-crashes,

The ones who others passes;

And he lifts them high to sit with kings,

to sit above the masses.

YHWH lays the foundation of the world,

Fixes sky, and stars, and sun,

The heavens are His handiwork, He numbers every one;

He put the heavens in their place,

Sets the pathways and the face

Of the moon and seasons,

He knows every reason

You better be believin’

Or you surely will be grievin’.


The feet of the faithful,

He guards with watchful eye;

But the wicked ones,

The despicable ones,

Will be cut off and despised,

Cast out into utter darkness,

Friendless and alone,

They will wish, too late, they had honored Him,

The YHWH of Hosts upon the throne.


It is not through strength of hand,

Or our plans,

That we stand

In glorious victory,

But only in the Hand

Of the righteous Lion/Lamb

That we can ever be set free.


YHWH! Will shatter His advisories

With disease,

Or the seas,

Prevail against all enemies,

And bring them to their knees.

YHWH! The true God of thunder

Will greatly pull asunder

All those who crush those under

Their feet.

YHWH! Will judge young and old

Test the meek and the bold,

His power to behold!

Through His righteous King of old,

The Anointed One exalted

All other power halted,

He who cares for those assaulted,

Those who were brought low

He will grow

and the glow

Of His light will shine

On all of those below.




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