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“I tell you, if these were silent, the stones would shout out” (Luke 20:40 NRSV)

It started with the Kindness Rocks Project and has now blossomed into an experiment that brings communities together. The simple idea is this: paint a rock, hide it somewhere, brighten someone’s day.

As a way to participate in this community art project, we have painted our own rocks, and hidden them all over the Williamston, Pelzer, and surrounding communities.

Enter contest here!

Have you found a rock? Tell us about it here, and be enrolled in our monthly contest.

Want to participate? Find out below.

Faith Presbyterian Rocks Monthly Contest:

Each month we will choose one name at random to receive a prize. Enter your name by:

  • posting a picture of the rock and where you found it on our website
  • post using the #FaithPresRocks hashtag on social media (one entry per rock, per post/repost, per platform)
  • bring your rock to worship (5 entries for non-members, 1 entry for members and regular attendees)

Monthly entries will be those submitted during the calendar month in question, multiple entries are allowed (even encouraged). One entry per rock per post/repost per platform (i.e. post the same picture on Facebook and Twitter for two entries, but 2 pictures of the same rock on Facebook would only be one entry; if a friend shares/reposts, etc your post, each of you gets one entry). Names will be chosen for each month early in the following month, and the winner will be notified using the available contact information and Faith Presbyterian website and social media.


Get Involved

Thank you for being willing to share your creativity and talent as we share our church with friends and neighbors.

  • Step 1: Get a rock. It can be from the ones provided by the church, your own garden, just about anywhere (please don’t steal rocks from private property or from someone’s landscaping).
  • Step 2: Paint it. You can paint whatever you want, as long as it is appropriate. It could be as simple as a cross or word of encouragement, to a scripture or whole scene, it is up to you. Do a quick web search for inspiration. Acrylic paints are easy to use and cheap, but will definitely need to be sealed. Spray Paint works well, especially if you use markers or sharpies for the details.
    • Please include on the bottom: #WilliamstonRocks, #FaithPresRocks, and our website:
  • Step 3: Seal it. Make sure to seal the rock with a spray seal, modge podge hard coat, etc. so that it can weather the weather.
  • Step 3.5: Post it (Optional). If you are a person who uses social media, take a picture of your handiwork, and use the above hashtags. Post to our website as well.
  • Step 4: Hide it. Place it in a location where it can be found by someone: in the park, outside a store, etc. *Please be careful where you hide your rocks so that they don’t cause any damage to property or wildlife (i.e. Don’t hide in the grass where it can damage a lawn mower or hurt someone). Don’t trespass. Don’t leave any rocks on sidewalks where someone could trip and get injured.


It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedIn